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Our family tree has some great features like browsing surnames, looking for relationships, showing advanced pedigree charts, displaying timelines, descendancy charts, printer friendly pages, etc.


Family Tree

For privacy reasons registration is required but
free of charge.

Only Van Wanseele and Van Wanzeele relatives are eligible for registration.



All individual and family records are laid out in a simple user-friendly format, one person to a page. With each person you’ll also see links to photos, histories, headstones and other media, pedigree, descendancy, timeline and relationship charts, plus notes and sources, and family records for each marriage. If you see a problem, you can even use the Suggest tab to send a note back to the webmaster.


TNG’s pedigree charts can display an indefinite number of generations (you decide the maximum you’ll allow) in several different formats for every person in your database. Attached photos and dropdown data boxes with additional information make it the centerpiece of the whole application. With a single click, jump to the individual page or a new pedigree for anyone on the chart.


Start with any individual, then pick any other person in your tree and TNG will display a graphical chart of their relationship. If the individuals are not related within a designated number of generations, TNG will tell you that as well.


Track down individuals by surname, but not from an endless unreadable paragraph. Instead, view names in neat columns, and limit your search only to those beginning with a certain letter or symbol. Also see a list of the top 30 surnames in your file, or choose to see all surnames on a single page.


Display a bar chart comparing the lifespans of an unlimited number of individuals from your database. Start from any individual and add any person you browse to, or others. Plus, the chart is saved until you close your browser window.


Uploads of photos, documents, histories, videos or audio recordings, linked to individuals, families and sources. Even with image maps, allowing to assign different links to various parts of the photo or people in the picture. Browse all media at once, or search for a keyword to find the ones you want. Or, pick one person and cycle through their own private list.

We need your help

A Family Tree is a work in progress. Our records go back to the late 18th century and have been checked with care. But much is still to be done.

A Family Tree is a collective enterprise.  To make it an even more enriching experience we need your help. Send information about relatives (names, birthplaces, dates, etc.), photographs, life stories, documents or even videolinks.  Thanks for your help.

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